Hillcrest Photos

In going through the photos of the John Hayes collection, I am reminded of the video we watched which discussed the archived photos of formerly prosperous African-American communities that have been destroyed by development. The Hillcrest housing and apartments is a predominantly African-American area, and the photos show some of the parades, sports activities, and community improvement programs that took place in the area because of the Hillcrest Enrichment Program. These photos are a look at that resent past of the Hillcrest area, and proof that the area is, and has been since the 1980s, a thriving community. Asheville itself has a rather unfortunate history of destroying African-American communities with its ravenous desire to improve itself, and while these photos may never be used, they could be used in protecting the Hillcrest community.

Aside from organizing the photos and placing them in the plastic sleeves that reside inside a large plastic protective casing, I have also been going through the wonderfully relaxing process of scanning. While it is a fairly simple process, it is time consuming. It is also a great time to see the photos as individual pieces, rather than groupings of the same event. Yet one photo gave me pause. That photo was of the 2001 Hillcrest Majorettes and Drum Corps, and it was a copy of an original photo. This copy is spread over eight pages, and we unfortunately do not have the original, so I got to puzzle it together, get a picture, and put the pages into four different page protectors.



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