Changes in the Archives

In regards to the blog post which argued that to remain updated in this contemporary world, archives should do more to interact with the community around them and the wider world, I would agree to a point. Many archives today, such as the North Carolina Room in Pack, already do reach out to the different groups within their own communities, as it is necessary if they want to acquire new documents, photos and other general archival materials. The North Carolina Room also has some small exhibits, a few of which bleed out unto the rest of the Pack Library, which highlight local history. These are fun little uses of archives materials. While I am uncertain as to whether or not the North Carolina Room has something like this, I also agree with the concept of entertainment oriented websites run by different archives that use archived materials to entertain, such as the website dedicated to mustaches. These uses of archival material show people, who may only have vague ideas of what an archive is, that they are places in which records are not only kept safe and housed, but also places which can celebrate these records, and the community they belong to. But I believe it is also important that people are made to understand how precious these records are, and how they must be cared for and preserved, before they are used. While connecting with the outside world is important for archives, it should always have an end goal of preservation.


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