My Ending at Pack

I just finished my last hours at Pack. First I should explain that I finished off my DBTextwork pages around the beginning of this week, and had to scan some extra booklets that I skipped as they had DBTextwork pages and I thought they were had already been scanned. So overall there is very little to report about that. Afterward I had the pleasure of scanning a particularly smelly scrapbook on Beaver Lake (which I consider more of a pond than a lake) which had formally been covered in mold. Ione had de-molded it by washing with some solution, but it was still unsalvageable, so I had the job of digitizing it before it was thrown away. It was a fairly simple and quick project, the only real difficulty coming when a newspaper article was too large for my scanner, and I had to either go to the 10000 size scanner, or the massive scanner in a locked room that seems to eat whatever you scan. After finishing with that little project, I began working on postcards! Lots of them. Like seriously, lots. Dealing with them was quite simple, just scan each side, naming each scan the ID number for each postcard and giving the back scans the label _back. The only problem was finding the best way to scan each one, as some look much better when scanned as a document, rather than scanned as a photo.


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