More Brochures, and a Church Reunion

When I came in to the North Carolina Room’s staff area this past Monday, I was greeted by a folder from the Stumptown 4th Reunion Collection with a sticky note saying it was for me. Zoe explained that the folder was filled with photos which had not yet been scanned and uploaded, even though the collection was on the older side. Apparently, there have been requests for the photographs in the folder to be digitized, so digitizing this collection became a priority over the brochures I was scanning and the John Hayes Collection (which still had no new additions). The reunion seems to include primarily people of African American decent from the Welfare Baptist Church in Stumptown. This church seems to have been closed, though of what its legal status was at the time of this reunion, I am uncertain. The only problem that I had with this collection was more of a fun challenge. That was reading the cursive on the back of each photo, which was faced out of my school by the time I entered the grade it would be taught. Thankfully the writer was not writing in a manner that indicates madness or a deep desire to reinvent the English language like other cursive scripts I have had the displeasure of trying to decipher, so I had an easy time reading it. The folder was finished rather quickly, and then I returned to my tourist brochures and manuals. I am nearing completion of that collection as well.


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