New Collection

I have finally finished with the Michael Harney collection, and am now onto a new collection which has already been worked upon. This is the John Hayes collection, and it has already been partly compiled by a former volunteer at the North Carolina Room Archives. This is something that can unfortunately happen at an archive, that accepts volunteer work. The volunteer’s time simply does not last as long as is needed for all their projects, and an incomplete mess is left behind. So, I started by simply going through everything and seeing what had been scanned, and what had not been, as well as what the folders in DBTextworks are meant to be centered around. I quickly learned that the majority of the collection had not been scanned, only one book of photos had been. Then, by comparing the rest of the scanned items in the collection with the physical collection, I learned that much of what had been scanned we did not have a physical copy of. After some confusion, Zoe learned that most of what had been scanned had been on loan to Pack, and was never fully donated, so the volunteer had to simply can these items as quickly as possible before they were forfeit. So, after going through everything, I have now begun the process of sorting the written documents into categories.


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