Pack Ramblings

This past week has been pleasantly productive, where last week was unfortunately the opposite, as my absence of a blog post no doubt attested. Unlike previous weeks I have not been learning anything new, but rather I have been continuing with the information that I learned in previous weeks, and using it to continue to enter the data of the Michael Harney collection. So far I have completed my first box of this collection, its number being MS370.001, with each folder being given a letter of the alphabet. It was quite auspicious that once the folders that contain magazines were added, there were exactly twenty-six folders, allowing for there to be folders MS370.001A to MS370.001Z. After organizing the piles of miscellaneous articles and documents into folders and giving each folder its own page on DBTextworks, I chose some choice documents from each to scan and place upon the folder’s corresponding DBTextworks page. Not only will these documents be immortalized by digitization, but they will also serve as mouth-wetters for anyone interested in what the folder has to offer. This is useful, as a mere two sentence description of a folder can say too little of what is in the folder, where copies of just a few of the documents inside can speak volumes on exactly how useful this collection may be to one’s research. I have also found that I have been able to get into a flow with my work, enough so that I can listen to radio plays as I work, were before I would lose track of my current task after even a small distraction.


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