Collections at Pack

This past week I have gotten the true archivist’s experience, getting to sort through a massive pile of unorganized documents, many of which are only vaguely related to the collection’s theme. The collection that Michael Harney gave to the Pack Library that I have been sorting through is centered around  The Needle Exchange Program of Asheville (a program that allows those with a need for clean needles to exchange their old used needles for clean ones in an attempt to stem the spread of AIDS/HIV) and Michael Harney’s work with the Western North Carolina AIDS Project; however, I have found that some of the material is either only loosely related to these topics or completely unrelated to either. Allow me to share some examples. A plethora of printed off online articles about AIDS/HIV from a variety of online news sources, many of which have nothing to do with Western North Carolina. A project report from the North Carolina Division of Transportation highlighting some changes they plan to make to the roads in Asheville.  And my personal favorite, an advanced math book from 1985 written in Spanish, accompanied by some of Michael Harney’s assignments, all written in Spanish as well. All in all it has actually been fun to go through this material, excluding the online articles, and sort it out into different folders. This coming week I will be learning to scan properly and use the online database to enter stage two of this collection organization.

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