Vance Birthplace Finally

Over the course of my internship at the Vance Birthplace, I have done database entry, artifact handling, retail work, cleaning, inventory, education programs, and worked with the public, and can safely say that it was enjoyable. One of the most important lessons that I learned is that in working at an understaffed and underfunded state historic site, one can expect to do a variety of jobs, and that general maintenance of the site is largely up to anyone working there, especially if the site is as small as the Birthplace. I also learned of the strangely extensive libraries that these sites have, and how extremely niche the content can be. One less pleasant thing that I learned is that many historians in the field of museum studies can disagree on what aspects of the past are important, and the Vance Birthplace is a good example of these differences of opinion clashing. The site itself was begun as a variable shrine to Zebulon Vance, who many Western North Carolinians consider a hero. This positive opinion of Vance is based primarily on his popularity in the Civil War and his help in bringing the Railroad into Asheville and many other opportunities to white Western North Carolinians. While the morality of Vance’s character is questionable, it is not for historians to question, as we are not moralists, but it is our place to question the importance of the historic  sites that we help maintain and create. Many of those who helped in the creation of the Vance Birthplace would say it is important simply because of Vance, and not because it can be used as a way to,educate the public on how a wealthy pioneer family would have lived in the early 18th century.

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