Vance Birthplace : Chapter Three

So far my internship has been going very well, and three things of note have happened. First, I have been okayed to give tours to regular visitors after Kimberly had me give her a mock tour and felt that I remembered enough to be trusted with everyday visitors. Unfortunately, I have not yet had the chance to give a tour to a regular visitor as none have wanted one while I was on duty. My second bit of news is that I will be doing what Kimberly calls a roving exhibit. Essentially I will look at two artifacts in detail and prepare a few paragraphs on each about how they would have been used in the early 1800s, and how this relates to the current day. I will be telling this information to regular visitors and try to relate it to them and their modern world. They will also be allowed to handle the artifact, or reproduction of an artifact, which further connects them to it, and through the artifact, I hope a connection with their own past and heritage is found. The overall purpose of this project will be to allow people to interact with an artifact in a way that they usually never would be allowed to. The last shard of news is that last Friday we had a school group made up of second graders, and I was deeply surprised with how well they behaved, and how much I enjoyed helping them in the candle activity they did. I further felt that they, and other school groups, are lucky as they get to not just enjoy a fun field trip, but they also get to understand further the hard work and time which went into creating some of the simplest items by preforming the candle making activity.

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