Vance Birthplace : Chapter One

I have now interned at the Vance Birthplace for 29 hours for 3 weeks, and I can safely say that it is an enjoyable experience. The first few days I read threw the tour outline and Vance family information, and familiarized myself with the grounds, which includes the pioneer’s mansion, a tool shed, loom house, smoke house, corn crib, slave cabin, and spring house. I have also been greeting visitors, which has steadily become far less awkward. In the beginning I could barely manage to tell them the services that we offer, as speaking to and in front of humans is very, very, very frightening. Yet now I can smile with an easy manner and rattle off the services while barely getting tongue tied. Doing this I am becoming more and more aware of how important bringing in visitors is for the site, as their very livelihood relies upon visitation. This week I was also able to do inventory on the different books that were at the Birthplace, and decide whether or not each one belonged. Most had good reason to be there, while a few should never have entered the building. It was quite enjoyable, and I learned that most museums and historic sites have an inventory going on at all time, as the collections change with time and new pieces and information come about. I also got the distinct pleasure of handling artifacts in the main building, some chairs which belonged in the kitchen but were being moved and the small chest used for papers and the like owned by the Vance family, and seeing the attic, which was rather gross. The most important thing that I learned, is that artifacts must be held like babies with paper skin and peppermint bones, that is to say very carefully.

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