What Museums are Becoming

In this weeks readings we have been shown how many museums in the United States have begun, and further how these museums have changed to be what they are today. Many of the museums in the United States were began by those with one: enough money to purchase original pieces of property and artifacts, and two: the classical education that enabled them to know the past and see why it must be preserved. That is to say these early patrons of public history were coming from a position of power. These early museums became a place where those with the power could further control the narrative of the past, and then present it to the public. During my internship I have learned that the Vance Birthplace was begun in a similar fashion, as a testament to the “greatness” of Governor Vance and his family, brought about by those that loved and respected him and his story. The site was a veritable shine to him and his family, and it had little interest is giving a full depiction of his life or life in the late 1700s to early 1800s. That is beginning to change at the Vance Birthplace, as most of the historians there are more interested in life at the time, rather than the history of Vance and his family. I believe in some ways this is related to the much larger change from great man history in U.S. education, as it focuses less on individuals of “importance” and more upon the culture of the past, and how normal people lived their lives.


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