First Impressions

My first impressions on the class are primarily positive. I quite enjoyed the internship selection process, as the worksheet we all filled out was private, thus keeping us from worrying about what internships our fellow students would want. I also feel that the details asked for were well thought out by the instructor, and thus gave her a good idea of what classes would be best for which students. Unfortunately I did not enjoy the readings for the second day of class, nor the discussion, as it seemed to be a rehatching of points made in Historian’s Craft; however, I afterwards remembered that not everyone has been through said class, and that even if they had, it could have been very different depending on the instructor they took it with. Luckily I received my first choice for an intership, the Vance Birthplace. I wanted it for to reasons, one pragmatic, the other less so. The first reason is that I live in Little Laurel, Madison County, thus it is the closest of the choices. The second reason, is that with my internship, I wish to learn a variety of skills that are useful in the world of public history, most notably, how to deal with groups of people. This desired goal is also one of my greatest concerns with this class, for I do not deal well with humans, essentially when they come in large groups. But when one is frightened of something, it is best to find ways to become accustomed to it, rather avoid it.


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