Productive Failure

Throughout this class I have had multiple “Productive Failures” in working on my page, hear I shall provide two of them. My first was my trying to use citations. Simply put I could not understand how to do it. I looked through the WordPress plugins with multiple search terms to no avail. I even went so far as to try copying and pasting citation marks from other pages. I had all but lost hope, until I asked Amanda at the Ramsey Library Research desk while she was helping my team with questions regarding picture use. As usual, she had the answer to my question. In the “text editor” one writes code, and Amanda showed me and the others a website that teaches code. We learned the code needed to have a citation number was <sup>1</sup>, with the number one is using in the center. We also learned the way to create a line in html code. My second productive failure was in trying to put a Canva image on the website. each time I created one and uploaded it to the website, it would appear tiny. so first I asked Hayley, who showed me the way to change the image’s size by going into the code, and specifying the exact size I wanted the image. This worked to change the size, but it was blurry, and unreadable. So after trying other ways to change the size, or make it clearer, I soon learned that the original Image size was what the problem was. So I simply created a new Canva image with the same dimensions of the page. It uploaded perfectly after that.


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