Team Meetings

The meeting with the two teams went relatively well. It was wonderful to learn first team has been looking forward to this project, and has already began work upon a 3D model of the church. We were made even happier when the second team started to not only show an interest, but come up with ideas. Currently it seems they are interested in making a top-down game where the player character answers trivia of the church’s history. Also a top-down game is a 2D one where you look down at your player character and move them, like the original Pokemon game or original Zelda game.

Much of the discussion changed for each group. Group one had a goal in sight of what they wanted to do with their plugin, so our discussion was more about what we would need to provide them with to reach it. The discussion with group two was more centered on figuring out what they wanted to do. It was originally their idea to create a trivia game after seeing the timeline Haylee made, and we and group one discussed with them the format that they would want to present this plugin. They decided top-down was the best choice.

While group two has most likely chosen the top-down trivia game, group one wishes to create a 3D model of the church that one can explore and be spoken to in.

For group one a visit to the church and meeting with Mark Ward is necessary. They also need the floor plans that we have given them. Group two will need basic history of the church for them to create their trivia questions, which we plan to provide them with.


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