Digital Identity

Digital identity (that is the self the one creates in their use of the internet and social networking especially) is something that journalists and others have been investigating in the past few years. In the Washington Post article 13, Right Now, That is what it’s like to grow up in the age of likes, lols, and longing. written by Jessica Contrera, the author studies a young girl by the name of Katherine Pommerening to try and see what a child’s life is like in the modern day world. I personally found this article odd and the people it was about even odder. The main girl we read about seems glued to her phone, which has internet capabilities, and only seems to use it for social media, one may even say she has an addiction. She in her family seem to live in a suburban area, and they are rather well off. The article is honestly strange and boring, and adds nothing to my understanding of digital identity. Digital Identities: Six Key Selves of Networking Publics is written by Bonnie Stewart, and unlike tye previous article, it has a purpose. That purpose is to try and categorize the different identities created online. While I can appreciate what they are doing, I cannot claim to understand her completely, and i really only understand the Performative self completely, as it seems to be a way to chreate a character for oneself online.


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