Research Update

In my group, I will be researching the important members of the UU Church, such as the reverends, SAC leaders, and other individuals of import.

Thankfully there is an entire box dedicated to the reverends of the church, with a folder for each one. After sifting through this box I can say with certainty that a paragraph (or more) about each reverend is doable. I have yet to find any recordings or transcripts of their sermons to add to their page, but I am still hopeful in that regard.

My research into the SAC leaders has been far less successful, which is unfortunate since I wished to use their sub-page to help tie the people of the church page into the UU Church’s former and present social action. But I have yet to go through every box and folder, so it may still be possible to do.

While I have not found much on other major donors to the church, I have found a great deal on Lon Ray Call, and I may be able to devote an entire sub-page to him alone. Also the Special Collections UU Church manuscript page spelled his name wrong, I should tell someone.


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