Timeline and StoryMap

I have used Timeline JS before, and as I stated in my previous post, I like the ease at which one can learn to use Timeline JS, but it is a tedious and annoying tool to use. The timeline I created for this little project is a simple walk through of the different games in the fan dubbed “Soulsborne” series, it is Soulsborne Timeline.

This was my first time dealing with StoryMap, and while I had problems with it as first, I was able to put together a fairly descent storymap that shows the different settings in the Fallout games, it is The Lands of Fallout. When I first opened this tool, it acted strangely and glitched about, not letting my place my map markers. Also it made every new tab I made the same as the last I was on, but I was able to stop both of these problems by simply refreshing the page. After doing so the tool worked smoothly.


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